Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our little man. This pic was taken tonight. He is nudie because he messes up all of his clothes multiple times every day!
Dax loves to be swaddled tightly like a burrito- I love it!
I love this- Reilly snuggled up to Dax and the two of them were chilling together on the couch...
Reilly receiving his AR award from our principal
Well, as you can see, I'm finding it difficult to keep up the blog... Anyway, the end of the school year arrived so quickly! Reilly and Shea were both in the top twenty readers in their whole school this year. They both received awards from the principal, Mr. Evans, for this achievement. The kids earn points when they take on-line quizzes after reading a book. Depending on the length and difficulty of the reading, the points vary. These two pics at the end are from the "AR party" (accelerated reader).
Reilly also participated in the spelling bee and after winning in his classroom, he went on to take second place in all of the third grade! We are so proud of him! He reads like a maniac- in the car, in bed, on the couch (as you can see above!), anywhere and anytime. He loves books, which means he is a great speller.
All is well here! Dax is growing well, the kids are glad to be out of school, and we are filling our summer with park days and fun with friends (until it heats up around here!). It's been in the mid 70's all of June so far- we have been enjoying that!
We decided to go to Disneyland yesterday (last minute plan) as it was the last day SoCal season pass holders could go for the summer. When we arrived at around 1:00, Disney was already full to capacity, and there were a mess of people backed up for we left! We spent the day in the car as we hit major traffic on the way home because of a bad accident. Certainly NOT one of the perks of living in LA. Well, I hope to be posting a little more regularly, but we'll see about that...

Monday, June 8, 2009


Sometimes I wonder what exactly is going on inside the mind of a nine year old boy. Tonight at the dinner table I got a glimpse. Reilly was telling us what he envisions his life being like in the future. "When I grow up, I'm going to have two dogs, a talking bird, and a Ferrari." I wouldn't be surprised if he really means that. A nice car, the bird riding shotgun, and the dogs in the back seat...ahhhhh, the perfect life.