Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Camdyn's Field Trip (Yes, this was last year)

So I've become a HUGE fan of sending a camera to school with my kids on days that they go on field trips. I love the pictures they bring home, and it's always amusing to see what their photo-taking tendencies are. I HIGHLY recommend doing this for the sake of precious memories and just for fantastic laughs. But first: 1) make sure you have a camera that you don't care much about. 2) get a long strap and attach around their neck (see Camdyn's above). 3) threaten them about removing that strap under any circumstances. I would also recommend that you give them a couple of suggestions before they leave- like make sure that you're in at least one picture! And, "snap away till your heart's content!!" (I love the world of digital cameras!) Isn't this a sweet pic of Cam?
I doubt that anyone captured this moment besides our animal loving Camdyn. Of course we have about a hundred pictures of the animals and only ONE of her. Oh well. Better than Shea's field trip when she took about a hundred pictures of her feet with her friends' feet! (and not ONE picture of the place they went to FOR their field trip!!)
Animal food. So glad she captured this. I was wondering what the turkeys ate.
Here is her first grade class. Great job Cam! And we still have the camera. It's probably lasted through 10 field trip days with four different children!