Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deck Camp-out

Being that Friday is "Family Night", we attempt each week to come up with a little fun plan for the kids. Last night we set up the tent on the deck, brought up a mattress and cushions and LOTS of blankets. The weather was very cold- it got to 36 degrees! But the girlies snuggled up under the blankets and managed to stay somewhat comfortable through the night. This morning we woke up and roasted smokies over the fire, had hot cocoa and just a fun morning as a family. Reilly had Austin over for the night and they slept in the basement (close to the video games) and watched a little "Lord of the Rings". Austin joined us for breakfast and enjoyed a little "Gebhards family time". He is a sweet neighbor! I think the girls may spend the majority of this day in the tent- I hear their little voices out there now. I think we got six thumbs up for this family night!