Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, after several faulty snow predictions, we have finally experienced our first real snowfall! The kids were let out of school early for their last day before Christmas break- what a great start!! We had so much fun getting all geared up (thanks Del-Charcos, for all of the gear!) and the kids have been playing non-stop. Love it!!

Macy-Boo, getting herself ready. Leotard, ballerina sheer skirt, Dorothy shoes, and a nice warm hat and jacket.
REAL snow falling at OUR house!! What a dream!!
Reilly and Jackson enjoying the flurry.
Shea love and Camdyn in the backyard.
Mommy in a make-shift hat. Yep, that's Dax's blanket! Unprepared California girl.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Living in a Two Year Old World

Well, Macy has been making us laugh so hard recently...she at this moment is looking at Kurt's watch telling me, "It's thirty degrees, mommy! We have to go to the store!!" She's so earnest- it's precious. (And somehow she got the thirty degrees right on!)
I actually sat down to recount how funny she's become with adding "ee" to the end of all of her words. Sometimes three, four, even five words in a sentence can end with the "ee" sound.
"Mommy, could you please get me some milkee?"
or, "Daddy, my shoesies are upstairsees in my roomee!"
It's getting a little ridiculous, and these are not exaggerations.
However, what is even more ridiculous is that I (mommy, grown up etc.)was just talking to Dax (mind you, he's six months old) and I said to him, "Dax, let's find your sockees so we can keep your feeties warmee!"
Welcome to my world.