Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's Go METS

Today is opening day for baseball, and we are celebrating today! The Mets are currently beating the Marlins, and are in the 9th inning. Kurt came home early and set up the computer with the game on it, and has been watching with the kiddos. We had fun with it, and the girls got their faces painted... We ordered pizza for lunch, and have been enjoying a relaxing family day!!

Kurt is excited for the prospect of the Mets going big this year, and it looks like they're off to a good start! LET'S GO METS!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cake Fight

We had our first official Gebhards family cake fight tonight, and I'll tell you, it was mayhem! I don't think we planned very well, though (I'll detail that for you in a moment). Yes, Kurt and I actually planned this one. We had a lot of leftover cake from an event today (thanks Jon, Julia and Aubrey for caring for Kurt this way!) and we thought it would be fun to initiate a cake fight with the kids. So Kurt and I started it, and then two of the kids joined in when they realized it was "okay". Cake was flying everywhere (I mean everywhere!!!!), and four of us were having a blast! However, Kinley, Cam, and Macy were all crying. Anyway, we had our fun smearing cake on each other, rubbing it into each others hair, and then ended it to ease the little ones' stress. When we were cleaning up, I asked the two little ones (Kinley and Cam) why they were crying (they were still crying 10 minutes after we were done), and here came Kinley's reply, "I don't like cake in my hair and on my face!" I could have predicted that one. She is meticulous and neat. Then I asked Cam. "I didn't get to eat any cake!!!" came the reply. I guess I should have also been able to predict that one too (she is a junk-food-junkie!). Macy calmed down quickly. She just didn't like the chaos, and was trying to figure out if we were all okay. Reilly made it all worthwhile with one statement: "That was the best time in my whole life!!!!"

When planning a cake fight, here are some tips (which we neglected to implement):

1. Make the kids think it's spontaneous

2. Make sure they're wearing grubbies

3. Don't use a cake with "lardy" frosting (it leaves cement slippery) or crumbly texture

4. Move all objects out of range that you don't want to scrub down later

5. Clean up first with paper towels, and only afterward use the hose (see picture)

6. Let the kids go and show the neighbors the mess- they think it's cool!

7. Have fun, don't stress!
8. Make SURE you get lots of pictures!!

I have to say, one of my fondest memories growing up is from a time when my family was out for pizza one night, and all 5 of us got into an ice fight. Even my mom was involved, and I thought it was the coolest! Thanks for the inspiration, mom and dad!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Princess Party

Katie and me enjoying cupcakes... Katie sang the Happy Birthday songs in the cutest little raspy voice with "cha-cha-chas" all over the place... I love it!!

Opening presents from my friends

The mommies watching with cameras as I opened presents

Eating lunch with the princesses

Macy is all smiles! She loves to be outside and part of the fun!
Today we celebrated Cam's birthday with a few of her friends- which is pretty hysterical... When you really think about what their friendship consists of as 3 year-olds- sitting next to each other while they play with play-doh at church, hugging each other in the hallway at church (and nearly knocking each other over), and then of course that fun dynamic of a love/hate relationship... it's quite humorous! Today was a blast- watching all of these little girlies having fun together (and fighting over toys), and having a "tea party" in the playhouse was such fun. It really was a great time, and the mommies even got to eat together and have some fellowship while the girls played outside in the beautiful weather... Praise the Lord for that! Here are a couple of pics from the day!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, a Birthday, and a Chocolate Bunny

What a fun, full day! We had a great Resurrection morning at church, and also celebrated Cam's 3rd birthday today. The kids are SO FUN! Easter egg hunts never lose their thrill. This year, the big girls won (found the most eggs) and Reilly and Cam tied!!

We were also thrilled that our neighbors (the Doyle family) joined us this morning at church, and we spent the afternoon with them over a great Easter feast (grilled steaks, sweet potatoes, and jello poke cake were the hits of the day).

This, however is what happens when you let a 3-year old eat an entire chocolate bunny as well as a piece of chocolate cake. It's bedtime, and for some reason, I don't think she's going to sleep anytime soon...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay, so I guess I was unclear as to what the "polka-dots" actually were...sorry! The polka-dots the kids were referring to are the moles/sun spots on my neck! Kids say the funniest things!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tonight after dinner I had Camdyn and Kinley both on my lap (yes, it was a little awkward), and they started tugging at the neck of my sweatshirt. I wondered what they were doing, as they both were fixated on my neck. "Mom, you have brown polka-dots all over!!" Kinley finally exclaimed with that cute smile...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dinner Mayhem

Tonight's dinner was quite eventful. Not that dinners are ever uneventful, because there's always a kid who doesn't like something I've slaved to make, or someone's poking someone else, spitting on someone, making faces, etc. Everything happened tonight. And, we had a dinner guest, who kept looking at me laughing at each "event". (Holla!!)
Shea: "Mom, I don't really like broccoli without butter."
Me: "Okay, you can go find some in the fridge, I'm feeding Macy right now."
Shea: "Mom, I can't find any butter."
Me: "That's right, I used the last of it today. Check the garage fridge."
Shea: goes into the garage, then yells "Reilly, the garage door almost smashed your bike!! Come look!!"
Reilly: runs into the garage
Dad: "Reilly and Shea, what are you doing? Come back into the house!"
Shea: "I still can't find any butter."
Mom: "You can use the butter from your (Mama Bella saturated with butter) bread and take a bite of bread with each bite of broccoli."
That was satisfactory to her, but instead, I watched her rub the butter off of the bread onto her broccoli (or so she thought). Resourceful mom I am, and resourceful daughter!
Reilly: "Mom, can I please be excused?"
Me: "No, not yet. Please enjoy a little family time at the table."
Reilly: moan
Camdyn: scream
Me: "Cam, what happened? Why are you getting out of your seat?"
Camdyn: screaming "Mommy, I hurt my toe!!"
Dad: "Cam, please get back into your seat. You haven't even taken a bite of your food."
Cam: crying, getting back into her seat
Kinley: climbing into my lap
Me: "Kinley, what are you doing? You need to sit in your seat and eat your dinner."
Kinley: "But mom, I want to sit in your lap!"
Me: "Go sit in your seat, honey. You need to eat your dinner."
Kinley: reluctantly goes back to her seat
Reilly: "Can I be excused yet?"
Me: "Not yet Reilly, we're all still eating."
Reilly: "But there's nothing to do."
Me: "Why don't you talk to someone?"
Reilly: "Mom, there's nothing to talk about."
Me: "Reilly, there's lots to talk about."
Dad: "Cam, you need to take a bite of your food."
Cam: "I don't like this chicken!!!" (it's tri-tip)
Dad: "Cam, you need to eat your food."
Cam: "NO!!! I don't want to!!!!!"
Dad: "Cam, you're going to be in trouble if you don't eat."
Cam: takes a bite after glaring at dad for a moment
Reilly: stands up, starts shaking his hips and singing, "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!"
Me: "Reilly, wow, you've got moves- now sit down and chill out for another minute."
Reilly: sits down "Mom, can I be excused now??"
Me: (hmmmm) "Yes, you can. Take your plate to the sink, go upstairs and take a shower, please."
Reilly: "But mom, I just took a shower, like on Saturday!!"
Dad: "Yah Reilly, and you should take a shower almost every day!"
Reilly: groaning, goes upstairs
Kinley: "Mom, may I please be excused?"
Me: "Sure, you finished, right?"
Kinley: "Yep!"
Me: "Take your plate to the sink and head up."
Kinley: grabs her plate, bumps the chair, drops her plate as I cover my ears as it crashes to the floor

I'll stop at that, although I know I'm leaving out something. Oh, by the way, Macy sat in the high chair next to me sweetly the entire evening. Anyway, you get the picture. I was glad to get out for a pedicure planned by my sweet husband with Hollie (our dinner guest and good friend), and glad that he still let me go after dinner mayhem. At the end of these nights, I just smile and keep in mind that someday I will miss days like these!