Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recent Happenings

 Celebrating mommy's birthday with a little competitive can ask Kurt who won.  (Please do :)  I haven't aged out of my competitive spirit. 
 Kurt went on a field trip with Reilly's class to Charleston.  They had a great time!
 "Fanny Packs" were REQUIRED.  Unless your parent was there.  WHEW for Reilly!  The sweet boy on the left...didn't live through the 80's and has no context for understanding the awesomeness of his rockin' pack. 
 Grandpapa came down for a visit and took us all strawberry picking.  Since the kids had gone with Kurt and I a week before, the novelty had worn off, and so Grandpapa and mommy did all of the picking while they ran races down the rows of strawberries!
 We're still working on this.  But I think we're on the home stretch!
 The girls baked a cake for me on my birthday (I know, it's out of order) and I didn't even enter the kitchen.  They did a great job! 
 We spent a day at Hart Square.  A complete, pioneer village that Dr. Hart has put back together from various historic places he's been.  It is absolutely amazing. 
 The homeschool group of kids that we spent Mondays with this year, in front of a Cotton Gin (I think- hey, I'm not a student!)
 The simplicity makes me sort of want to go back in time.  Every home was amazing and unique.
 Sweet siblings.  They do love each other.
Precious Cam-o splashing in the lake in the middle of the village.

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Andrew Dobrescu said...

Oh yes.... You totally should continue this blog... Love those pictures... Haha, Reilly is so cute... Haha