Sunday, March 24, 2013

Peace (James 3:18)

Chaos.  That's what life feels like sometimes. Especially last week.  For whatever reason, it was a tough week.  I have a few ideas for some of the reasons but I'll spare you.  The greatest reason is just a three letter word that sort of stings the ears when I'm talking about me- SIN.  Put 8 people together (or 7, I won't include my fantastic husband) for a long period of time, and don't be purposeful with that time (Friday off school, especially), and naturally things will deteriorate with unregenerate hearts.  It was a very hard week.  Felt a little out of control and I fell into some "tongue-fire" with my kids.  So this morning, I went to James 3 to receive a little blast on taming the tongue.  
Okay, so my heart has been gripped this morning by a scripture that I don't think I've noticed before. In fact, I don't think I can say that I would've even recognized the verse that gripped me.  When I read it this morning, I almost dismissed it as a little out of context and not applicable to me.  Then I read it again, because I was curious at this little anomaly.  WOW!!!  I am determined now to seek more understanding about it and to pull some commentary off of my husband's book shelf and search this thing out.  God's Word is amazing.
One more preface before I divulge the goods (the amazing verse, that is!).  What is my determined goal in parenting?  What is the ONE thing that I want to pass on to my kids in life?  I want to sow gospel seeds deep in their hearts, seeds that will take root and grow up into righteousness and produce massive fruit for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  (How's that for a definition of "Christian Parenting"??)  That's it and that's all.  And I think this morning I have found a golden key to unlock that treasure.  Now I'm ready to divulge the goods.  Are you ready for this???
James 3:18  "And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace."  Wow.  This sounds like a parenting golden nugget to me.  I don't pretend to understand in totality the context or meaning of this.  But one thing in particular has struck me.  Seeds that produce righteousness are NOT sown with angry words.  Seeds that produce righteousness are sown in PEACE.  When life feels chaotic, and kids seem out of control, and we want RIGHTEOUSNESS in our children (boy that sounds so nice), then our mission is two-fold.  "Make peace", and "(sow seeds) in peace".  Last week I think I was trying to "strong-arm" my kids into righteousness, maybe to shame them a little into righteousness (shame on ME), but mostly I was just reacting in the flesh in sinful anger rather than walking in the Spirit and sowing seeds in peace.  By this afternoon, this verse will be on my wall somewhere reminding me of the goal and means of parenting.  What a treasure.

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Jenny Lyon said...

I love this post Julie!!! What a great verse. I love learning from you!!