Friday, April 25, 2008


Tonight was a big game for Reilly's Little League team- the Mariners. I planned to bring the camera for some snapshots to post, but it's not working right. Anyway, Reilly pitched again tonight, and did a great job! But 7 and 8 year old boys sometimes have a hard time focusing on a baseball game when they're in the outfield. It's a lot of fun to watch. Last week, I found myself shouting at Reilly on third base, "PUT YOUR GLOVE ON!". He didn't hear me the three times I yelled, nor did he look up to see the batter while several pitches were thrown. Finally another dad (Kurt wasn't there) helped me out and Reilly heard him.
Tonight, he was distracted once again, and was quite a distraction! While he was on third base, I glanced up noticing extra movement from that area. No joke, Reilly was doing the Macarena! He was full-on getting his groove on, and by the time I thought to get out the video camera, he was just finishing with some serious hip movement and the complete hop...just then Christopher got a hit and Reilly ran home... Immediately he ran off of the field and to the restroom, which was his explanation as to why he was dancing the macarena during a baseball game...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Watch out for VIRUSES

Just to warn you all, I received a comment on my rattlesnake story that attempted to infect my computer with a virus... DON'T click on that comment from "dumuro" or whatever it was. And be careful!! All sorts of pop-up warnings came up, which you should NOT respond to!! Call someone (like Justin Lyon!!!) to help before you do anything!! Thanks Justin!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Proof (see below story)

This is the second rattlesnake that has been killed in our backyard...Last summer's snake story was a bit more exciting. The little neighbor girl spotted the snake, and it went into the bushes before I could find a shovel. A neighbor had said that the fire station would take care of it, and I thought that would be fun for the kiddos, and boy was that an event!! 4 trucks, which drew all of the neighbors, 6 firemen in our backyard, and four little kids plus neighborhood kids with noses pressed on the window as they watched the firemen search for the little guy. And he was little too (the most venomous kind). Pray for no more snakes!!


Oh my, as Rick Holland (one of our pastors) said today, we skipped spring and went right to summer! Along with 95 degree weather around these parts, comes the frightening reality of rattlesnakes and black widows. I was out watering the flowers which were languishing in the heat this afternoon, and my mom was out with me chatting, when she spotted this little guy running from the water through my flowers. "SNAKE!!" She shouted. "WHERE????" I shouted back. My adrenaline was pumping when she pointed right in front of me in the flower bed. I immediately looked for a shovel which so happened to be on the ground a foot away from me. I was probably looking like a maniac as I chopped wildly at the unsuspecting snake. I missed him a few times, but thankfully he didn't get too far away as you can see in the picture. I actually felt a little bad for him. The adrenaline was going for quite a while after his death blow, but (I'm a little ashamed to admit) I was feeling a bit like a hero for having saved my childrens' lives (haha). I'm sure Kurt got a kick out of me coming into his office (as he was studying to preach tonight) and reinacting the attack. A proud moment for this mom. I'm not afraid of no snakes!! Okay, so that's not exactly the whole truth. I'm not afraid of snakes unless they're the kind that have venomous fangs and they're in my backyard while my children are playing less than 5 feet away (yes, that's what happened). That's when fear can set in. Thankfully, I've been reminded of the reality that God holds my kids in the palm of His Sovereign hand, and I don't need to fear! After Cam crawled over a black widow that was on our stairs a little over a year ago, I began to realize that I could never prevent something from happening if it was in God's divine providential plan. After all, He cares for them more than I could! So, I will entrust them to Him, as they belong to Him anyway!