Monday, September 28, 2009

I surrender to the sleep monster.
Happy Baby!

Grandma snuggles.

More Reception Pictures

The "Welcome to Hickory" reception that the ladies from the church threw for me was absolutely beautiful. I finally got the pictures from the "photographer" and wanted to post a few more. No explanation necessary, it was a stunningly beautiful event and I felt warmly welcomed and cared for!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"It's a Good Mornin..."

"I'm smellin' coffee, Birds are singin' just outside.
Here comes Your mercy, streamin' in with the morning light.
My heart is racin' wakin' up to Your smile, it's a Good Mornin...yeah".

Chris Rice must have it made- at least he must have for a couple of days while he was writing this song. Truth is, I'm not smelling coffee (because that would mean that I had to make it for myself), and I don't hear any birds singing (maybe they heard me yelling at the kids this morning and are scared to come near the house). I haven't gotten enough sleep recently, and this morning sure hasn't gotten off to a very good start.
I've been frustrated recently with the start of the school year as the kids seem to be unable to keep their papers and notebooks in order. No joke, I have to sign approximately 10 different papers EACH NIGHT for the kids, and then they manage to leave them on the coffee table, the floor, the counter, or elsewhere. I've reminded them again and again that soon, I won't be reminding them when I see the papers laying around (hmmmmm). This morning was another reminder that "no reminders" will be coming soon. Layer number one of frustration.
It's Reilly's birthday today. The girls sang to him this morning while I was downstairs making lunches (with a birthday note for Reilly) and cookies for Reilly to bring to his class. They came down, and immediately Reilly was fishing in his lunchpack for his LUNCH birthday note. I scolded him irritably- he said he just wanted to "see" what I put in there for him. "Well, maybe I didn't put ANYTHING in there for you!" Then he was dressing his special birthday breakfast-swedish pancakes- with peanut butter. In his rush, as I watched him dip his knife into the peanut butter, he required another scolding for the way in which he dipped the knife into the peanut butter. Much too far into the jar, and careless. Peanut butter way too high up on the handle for this mom. Layer number two.
"Shea, could you please help Camdyn with her show and tell?" After one attempt to find paper (for Cam's 'clues'), she gave up without telling me. 2 minutes before their ride was supposed to show up, I asked again, and received the third layer of frustration. A lame answer to excuse her incompletion of the task that was put before her. Another scolding for Shea.
I found myself in a huff running around trying to get them all together for school, and putting on an air of "I'll just have to do everything myself and you all will have to deal with whatever doesn't happen." Soon, I realized that they too were putting on an air of frustration as they tried to get their things ready to walk out the door. Ouch.
I'm not even sure what my point is in writing this, and the intermittent cries of my four-month-old are a little bit of a distraction too.
Three things that I am thankful for (though my heart doesn't want to be thankful right now because it's wanting to be stinky). 1) I could still see straight enough to run out to the car when their ride came to seek their forgiveness for being grumpy, rude, and "a mean mommy" this morning. Kids are SO forgiving. 2) Even though I don't "feel" His mercy "streamin' in with the morning light", it still is. His mercies are new every morning- and I desperately need His mercy. Every day. All the time. 3) I can actually hear the birds now (during the intermittent part of the crying). One more thing. I'm usually not so irritable about the peanut butter on the knife. And I usually don't require the older kids to help the younger ones with homework. That only happens when there is something (open house) that takes up homework time the night before and I ran out of options. I gotta go now and feed the baby and spend a little time getting my heart right with the God of Mercy...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Wish They All Could Be California Girls

Mandy, Shayna, Nikki, Susan and Kim at around 11:30 in the parking lot of Carrabbas. We couldn't stop talking.
Mandy, Susan, Nikki, Me, and Kim.
Shayna, Kim and Nikki. Nikki kept having everyone say "haaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii" for the pictures.
Mandy, Nikki and Kim. We were all BFFs by the end of the night.
In a "North Carolina" rocking chair in front of Cracker Barrell. The California girls miss southern comfort food. We all ate breakfast for dinner this night.
Eating brownie sundaes and watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". PJ party!
It was so much fun having some of my closest girl friends from California out for a visit! We had such a great weekend together. We stayed up WAY too late every night- I think we were up until 2:45 the first night they were here. We didn't ever get to bed before 1:30, I believe... those wild party girls! We had such a blessed time and I'm pretty sure they're all moving out here soon. :)
Monday night had to be the highlight- I planned an evening out for "Coastal Connections" (Nikki, you are such a cheeseball!) and we went out to dinner with four girls from the church here. (I forgot to get a picture before two had to leave!) We shared our testimonies of God's faithfulness to us and how He has worked in and through us, and were blessed beyond measure. It was amazing how the Lord knit our hearts together in such a short time! We arrived at the restaurant at 6:00 and didn't leave until around 11:30. I'm voting we make "Coastal Connections" with no kids a regularly scheduled event, and even extend it for a weekend!!
I absolutely love my new friends here but I do miss these sweet girls! I am SO thankful and humbled that they would make the huge trip out here to spend some time with me, as well as to help me to get the house situated. They decorated, unpacked a few more boxes, helped with the kids, and blessed me so much with their sweet presence! I love you girls!
Memories from the weekend:
"Doogers" (you know, the family with 17 kids)- Nikki's pronunciation
Grits (I had never had them before Cracker Barrell)
"All of the Gebhards' children look so much alike!" (Shayna, commenting on the stickers on the back of my car)
"IT'S SNOWING!!" (Shayna, as the plane was landing)
Faith is your Companion (profound)
Gather Prayer (more profound)
"Set down and eat your mill!" (Kim and her ????????? accent)
Hobby Lobby experience

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Y'all are WRONG!

Well, though I probably shouldn't be excited to tell you all that all of you are wrong, it is kinda fun, I admit. So the answer is (and I have NO cash prahzes to give!!)............REILLY! Can you believe it.... it is really funny. He spends a lot of time outside with the neighbor boy who talks with a sweet drawl. I was talking to Reilly about Austin's accent, and Reilly looked at me like I had four eyes. "Are you saying that Austin has an accent???" I about fell out of my chair laughing. Austin quite possibly has the hugest southern accent I have heard thus far! I have to admit, it is awfully cute to hear the boy drawing out his vowels into multiple won't be long before the girls are southern bells themselves!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Put in Yer Vote- Cash Prahzes for the Weenner

Okay folks...someone in this family has already picked up the southern drawl. Today as I listened to this individual talking about school, I was astonished. I = "Ah", and My = "Mah". I didn't think the changes would come this quickly. Please feel free to put in your guess and I will keep you all posted.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hi all! I have posted a couple of videos to youtube but don't know how to post them on the blog (or if I can even do that). Our user name for youtube is "themunchbunchcrunch"- and I think you can find both videos pretty easily that way. One is titled "attax giggles" and the other "the bouncing boo". Soon I'll figure out how all of this works so it's easier for you to find!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Playing outside! It's a little hard to see, but Lucas has been collecting flyers for all of the houses for sale. He is a little "collector" and keeps everything he collects safely in his backpack. He has shared his flyer with Cam in this pic, and she's studying it while on the ride toy...

Lucas with baby Dax.

Aunt Moe, photographed by either Shea or McKinley.
Sweet Quinn... she was so sweet!
We had so much fun spending time with the cousins here in NC! They live only a couple of hours away and I know we will enjoy more time with them. Quinn is almost 4 and Lucas is already 4. It was a joy to get to know them and their little personalities! They are both so sweet and have distinctly different personalities, but are a joy to be around. Aunt Moe is a great mommy! She was a great help here and brought some sanity while Kurt was away. Can't wait to have more time with them!