Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field Trip with Shea

Friday was Shea's class field trip to Underwood Family Farms. I finally was "picked" to go with her and her class (I've volunteered to go on every field trip since Reilly was in kindergarten, but have only recently been "picked"). So Friday we went to the farm and we really had a great time. She was so excited for me to come, and when I arrived (parents drove themselves) she jumped up as if she hadn't seen me in a week, ran over and gave me a big hug. She proceeded to introduce me to each of her little friends. It was a lot of fun, and we got to pick a grocery bag full of vegetables to bring home. The picking was fun, but admittedly we won't consume the turnips, radishes, bok-choy, beets, or all of the cilantro... Shea had planned to make a large pot of vegetable soup, but no one in this family would eat that! Quite honestly, I didn't even know a thing about how to cook these vegetables! Anyway, it was fun to meet her friends and enter her little world. We had a great time!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Happy Birthday to you..." Cam wasn't interested in eating her dinner tonight, but I was impressed with her creativity and singing! I made sandwiches for dinner tonight (obviously) and this is fairly typical for Cam- she's not interested in food, much less carrots and pb&j (what kid doesn't like pb&j???). I only made her a half of a sandwich- so I suppose she'll be hungry when she wakes up!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Wanna be a ROCK STAR

Well, Reilly was rockin' out to some sweet tunes at his 2nd grade class performance the other night! He was looking smooooooooth with that sweat towel (in his pocket) while doing the macarena, and I'm pretty sure all of the girls were feeling the heat radiating around that boy...or maybe that was just the 90 degree weather!
It was such a cute performance. Each class took a different decade, and if you couldn't tell, Reilly was looking a little like Rocky Balboa, Bruce Springsteen, or maybe a bit of Mick Jagger... he had no idea when people were calling him all sorts of names! So his class did a dance to "Eye of the Tiger"- I love it! He was SO into it, and was practicing at home all week. Oh, if you hadn't figured it out, their decade was the 80's. I'm pretty sure these are just the humble beginnings for our huge star...
And that cute girl next to Reilly is our neighbor and friend Emme Brooks. Reilly used to tell me that he wanted to marry her (before girls got cooties sometime last year), and I have to say, I'd be thrilled! I guess we'll have to wait and see. She is such a cutie!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Since it is Mother's Day, I thought it would be appropriate to give honor to whom honor is due...so I thought I would compose a list of reasons why my mom rocks!
1. My mom always let us have all of the neighborhood kids over, and would always make us snacks and bring them to us on a tray
2. My mom let my dad build a 10 foot long cage in the backyard for SNAKES (my brothers would catch them)
3. We had more pets than you could imagine- snakes, lizards, frogs, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats, rats, and even a pet crow! Read that list slowly again. Do you know any mom that would allow this?
4. My mom hosted a class field trip to our house to see the animals!
5. My mom supported us through each endeavor- sports, jobs (SHE would sub for my brother's paper route!), anything!
6. My mom pushed us in those "other endeavors" (ie. piano- we've all been there, and heard that lovely phrase, "You'll thank me for this someday"...'gulp', that's me swallowing my humble pie, "Thanks Mom".)
7. My mom supported me through college, taking a side job in order to help pay my way through
8. My mom was at every volleyball game I can remember in high school, and attended every college game that they (my parents) could make it to
9. My mom has dropped everything to make it to EVERY baby delivery, has helped with all kinds of things here- house cleaning, cooking, watching the kids, has come to birthday parties, school performances, pre-school outings, and much much more... she has planned beach vacations for the crew, special events for my kids, taken them to Legoland, Marine World, Disneyland, the Park, the Zoo, Gilroy Gardens, Movies, Dinner...
The list could go on and on! Thanks mom, I wouldn't trade you for another mom!! Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

4 things...

Hollie "tagged" me to do this on her blog (whatever that means), so here it is.
1. 4 jobs I've had: (in order) Little Caesars Pizza (making pizzas, landing pizzas, and eating pizzas!), Laundry for TMC volleyball players (when I was one), Camp Counselor, Volleyball coach for high school girls, pre-school teacher (I know that's five)
2. 4 places I've lived: San Jose (18 years), The Master's College Dorms (Hotchkiss!!), Walnut Street (like every good seminary couple), and beautiful Castaic (beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
3. 4 shows I watch: 24, Lost, and that's all! We don't have cable, so we only watch a little. If we did, I'd watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Home and Garden shows.
4. 4 places I've been: Israel, Brazil, the Swiss Alps, Albania
5. 4 blogs I read regularly: Hollie Gorsch, Wendy and Mike Penberthy, mom2my6pak, and I can't think of any others- I'm not on the computer very much.
6. 4 favorite foods: Swedish Pancakes, Flourless chocolate cake from PF Changs(thanks Ankeen!!), Ice Cream, and anything chocolate.
7. 4 places I'd rather be now: Grand Cayman under the ocean scuba diving with Kurt, a warm beach with only the sound of crashing waves, the world's biggest garage sale, Chuck E Cheese (skee ball)
8. 4 things I'm looking forward to in the next year: Summer beach days, Disneyland, a getaway with my hubby, being a size 6 again (HA!)