Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kid Profile #1: Macy Loo-Hoo

I've decided to take a portion of our Christmas letter profiling each of the munchkins and share one at a time on the blog, perhaps expanding a bit on what the Christmas letter included.
Macy Loo-Hoo, Macil, Boo-Boos~these are the assortment of nick-names that we have found ourselves calling her. I know they sound a little strange, and we gladly admit that. I offer no explanation. There is none. Well, Kurt and I can hardly conceive (haha) that we have added yet another munchkin to the Munch Bunch since writing our Christmas letter last year…little Macy was born February 16 and has added such sweetness to our family! She is the happiest baby alive, and I told her this morning that she is the most babylicious baby ever. She has scrumptiously chunky leg rolls (I measured them, and they are larger than Cam’s!), and we can’t get enough of her! She eats everything she is fed, and would eat until she burst if we didn't cut her off! The pediatrician told me that her eyes had a “mongoloid slant” (I wondered if we should be concerned). Next he asked me if we had any native American Indian blood in us (isn’t white-blond hair on all of my kids sitting in your office a give-away, or was there a small Swedish tribe that I’m not aware of???), then proceeded to look at all of the kids eyes (and mine!) declaring that we all had the slant! Who knew? Macy is starting to talk! She yells at me when she wants something (or just wants me). "MAMA!!" It's pretty clear. She has also had to start defending her toys as she is beginning to recognize when Cam takes them from her. I think it has caught Cam off-guard a couple of times, because normally there's no fight. Macy will yell, "NO!" or "NONO!!" and of course Cam comes right back with the melody to the song, "NONONO!" It is beginning to get interesting as Macy is figuring things out. Today when our friends were watching her, they swore that she said "Thank-you" repeatedly! Another new favorite word is, "uh-oh"... She is becoming her own little person- how did it happen so fast???

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Steal of a Deal

Today while Macy napped, Kurt held down the fort (I guess making macaroni and cheese, watching "Lord of the Rings" with Reilly, and doing a little clean-up is considered "holding down the fort") Kinley and I went out shopping with my gift cards (thanks Grandpapa and Dee and Aunt Maggie!) and had a great time. The highlight was our Old Navy experience...

I found this great sweater in the boys section, but it had no tags. And wouldn't you know, there were no others like it. I found it on the clearance rack, and so had hopes that it would be on sale. I'm pretty cheap, so I was only planning on buying it if it was at least 50% off. Almost everything was on sale, so I figured my chances were pretty good. We finished our shopping-or I should say Kinley finished shopping ("Mommy, my legs hurt!" "I am SOOOOOO hungry!" "Can we go now?" "Can we go NOW?") so we headed for the check-out. First thing I said was, "can we please check the price of this sweater?" "Sure", was the friendly response. She entered the numbers from the little side tag, and stared at the screen for a second. Then she hit a cancel button, and started again. She finished entering the numbers, then came the same puzzled response. So she asks the guy at the next register, "hey, have you ever seen this?" She flips the screen over to him, as she says, "It's ringing up for a penny! What should I do?" He shrugs his shoulders, they discuss it for a moment, then came the response I never thought I'd hear, "Hey, just give it to her!" Stunned, excited, a little guilty, but thrilled for the story I could tell, I walked out of Old Navy with the best deal I have ever found!!
I spent at least an hour last night looking for the receipt so I could post a picture of it with the sweater, but to no avail...I will keep looking!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"The Ten-Ten Dollars"

Well, I am sitting here in the kitchen cracking up to myself. Cam came out of the bathroom with something in her hand, delcaring that she found "The Ten-Ten Dollars". I glanced over her shoulder as I was doing the dishes, trying to see what she had in her hands (thinking she had taken money out of my purse), and saw my little Bible. She has repeatedly announced that she found "The Ten-Ten Dollars", and Kinley has helped her turn to just the right page. "There. There is the Ten-Ten Dollars". They are so cute! I finally figured out that they were talking about the Ten Commandments!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When 4 is Less Than 1

Well, 4 happens to be less than 1 in my house today (and most days in the recent past). 3 dress themselves, brush their own teeth, pour their own drinks, and even do some small chores like cleaning their rooms (in a kid sort of way), wiping the floor, emptying their trash, and putting a few other things away. The baby still doesn't make huge messes, typically. These are the "4".
I am honestly astonished at what "1" two year old can undo in a matter of seconds, and the chaos they can cause by just being a two year old. Without even having malicious intentions, a two year old can make the hugest mess imaginable in no time at all. I spent my entire morning keeping up with my two year old.
Breakfast: the big kids ate their Reese’s Peanut Butter Crunch (disclaimer: we don’t usually do junk cereal on school days) before school, and Cam was right behind wanting some. So I recycle a bowl and pour a small amount in for her, and a small amount of milk. Not more than a minute later, somehow, it’s spilled all on the table and on the floor (the kitchen rug- I’m expecting it to start retaining some smells soon with all the spills that have occurred).
Snack: Cam notices me drinking my protein shake (when I don’t have time to make my own breakfast) and wants some. So I pour a small amount in a cup (with no lid…) and give her a straw. I should remember that the straw always confuses a two year old- ‘do I tip the cup up when there’s not much left, or hold it down?’ By the time their little minds figure it out, they’ve already tried both ways, which means another mess…
Fun: An open water bottle half full on the counter, an empty squirt bottle from Disneyland within reach… of course this presents a perfect opportunity to practice pouring (a favorite practice for small children of all ages). But without enough practice yet, every drop ends up on the floor. Oh well, water is easier to clean up than other substances, and actually gives me an opportunity to mop an area of the floor. Look at the bright side, right?
Etc.: So I’m checking email on the computer and in walks my two year presenting her underwear to me with her little nudie booty out to the side (it goes along with her sassy attitude). With the sweetest smile and a hint of pride, she says, “Look mommy, I go poopy!” A bit sternly and irritated, I respond “Cam, you don’t go poopy in your underwear.” Cocking her little head to the side with a furrowed brow she looks as if she was disappointed along with me (at someone else). She responds, “Oh, dat yucky. Wipe my tushy.” No joke. Two year olds say what they want to say, and usually have a funny way of saying it.
I looked at the clock on my computer and realized that it wasn’t even noon yet, then wondered what the rest of the day would hold for my busy two year old… she is presently hugging my arm chanting, “mommy, mommy”… these are the moments that cause me to remember that it’s all worth it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daddy of the Year

I am so thankful for this man of the house!! Sometimes people ask me if Kurt is the same crazy guy at home as he is elsewhere...wonder no longer!! And yes, this is a pretty normal evening in our home. Kurt wrestles with the kids on an almost daily basis and spends lots of time investing in their little lives on their level! Be it playing Disney's "Scene It", throwing a baseball with Reilly, dancing with Camdyn and Macy (this afternoon) or letting the kiddos cheat out of eating all of their green beans, Kurt is a great dad (and husband, but we'll save that for another time!)!!

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Macy Loo-Hoo is just about the happiest baby on earth...she is such a gem! I had just rubbed her nose fiercely to remove all remnants of boogers and had her worked up into a fit, but as soon as I stopped, this is what she looked like...what a sweetie!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Basketball Stars

Well, we have two basketball stars in the family...Reilly plays for the Celtics and they are currently undefeated (2 games into the season). He loves the game, and you can see a great shot of him mid-air MAKING a basket for the team! Go Reilly! I asked Shea how she enjoyed her first game, and she announced that she did not like it. I was a little taken back, since she looked like she was having fun to me. "What do you mean, Shea?"
"Well, Mommy (if you must know), I had to run up and down the court so much that I was sweating!!"
Imagine that...sweating while participating in a sporting event! I was hoping our kids would be athletic, but if She has a serious problem with sweating, we'll have to wait and see what comes of her athletic career!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Madness

There was all sorts of madness and happy screaming going on downstairs for at least an hour straight before I came down to check out the haps, and this is what I found (running, screeching, tripping, laughing, having some good old fashioned fun)! I absolutely love it when the kids all get along and have lots of constructive fun together! I want them to be BFF!!! (haha)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Okay, something happened with our sweet kitten...maybe she didn't like that we changed her name... We asked Kurt if we could change the name of our last cat from "Slight" to something else. We all put in our votes, then decided together that L.C. would be fitting. A little more feminine, and cuter than her given name ("Slight Hinricks Gebhards"). Anyway she has turned psyschotic in the past couple of days since becoming a lone cat in our house. She is tearing around the house presently, clawing up the couch, eyes bulging, tail curled, prancing, skipping, crouching, ATTACKING everyone and everything. She has terrified all of the girls at least once in the last two days, including me! I was minding my own business doing laundry this morning, and without notice, L.C. jumped at least 3 feet in the air attacking the piece of clothing I was holding. I think I jumped at least 3 feet in the air. Yesterday she was "in a mood" while the kids were upstairs and Cam was in the bath. L.C. kept running (in skittish, freak-like manner) in and out of the bathroom, which scared Macy who was crawling around (and caused her to cling to me, whimpering) while I helped Cam. Then she was jumping up and walking around the outside of the tub, and I knew something was about to go really wrong...after I threw her out of the bathroom several times, she insisted on tempting fate, and she LOST and fell into the bathtub with quite a splash, and of course a shrill scream from Cam. I was just hoping that she wouldn't freak out and claw Cam in the process! Thankfully, I got to her before there were any serious injuries. Today L.C. decided to check out all of my little people in my Department 56 Village...and again she was thrown out. Maybe L.C. needs to be an outside cat...